Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Heavenly Father

Heavenly father hear my prayers,
My prayers for forgiveness and love,
Heavenly father I'm praying for years ,
To give me wisdom from up above.

Heavenly father so loving and true ,
Guide me oh Lord to be just like you,
So humble and forgiving and Caring,
Father your love is so Daring.

Heavenly father help me in the right path way,
To draw close to you day by day,
To be faithful to your word and obey your terms,
Oh heavenly father this is my prayer.

Joy Codrington (c)2012

Stop Violence and Crime

Young man , young woman stop the crime ,
Use up your days with positive times,
Put down your weapons and your tools,
occupy your self with positive rules.

Violence doesn't pay in anyway,
Consider the ways you spend your days
Don't linger away and waste your time,
Just stop violence and crime. 

Set examples for your future life,
Enrolled your self in good beings,
Violence is not the way,
Make use for your living and a better way.

Joy Codrington (c) 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Father's Are Needed Too

A father's strength means so much,
To keep us strong when things are tough.
A Father's words are so firm and steady,
When he says no he means it till he's ready.

When moms say yes to comfort you,
He says no just for your best,
Sometimes you might not understand ,
But father's do because they're the man.

To have a father figure in your life,
Is one of the best wishes to win as a prize,
Appreciate your father and the things they do
Because father's are needed too.

By: Joy Codrington
(C) 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

There's Hope by Joy Codrington

When things go wrong and you aren't so strong,
Just say to yourself - There's HOPE.
When you're feeling down and walking with a frown,
Just remember - There's Hope.

When there is no one to turn to,
No one to encourage you,
Put a smile on your face,
Put down that case,
Think to yourself - There are HOPEFUL days,
And spread your inner HOPE in many ways.

By: Joy Codrington
(C) 2012